Pork, Cranberry, Orange and Cointreau Tarts

Makes 18 medium or 24 small These tarts are perfect to serve as the festive season rolls in. Easy to make with the minimum fuss as you can take short cuts with ready rolled pastry and make the filling to freeze ahead of time. I used Seville Orange Marmalade Jelly for the glaze made by […]

It’s Marmalade Season

While many people are suffering the post-Christmas January blues, marmalade makers are eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the first Seville oranges of the season and we are no exception. These beautifully bitter oranges are no good for eating or juicing, but they make the best marmalade in the world.

Traditional Victoria Sandwich Cake

This classic cake was popularised during the reign of Queen Victoria and has been enjoyed by millions ever since. This recipe has been handed down from my maternal grandmother and I have always found it to be reliable. You may choose to substitute a different Jam Packed Preserve, but being a card carrying member of […]