Mint Extra Jelly 145g


This apple-based jelly is infused with mint during cooking and contains a suspension of finely chopped fresh garden mint. This is a lovely clear jelly that lacks the bright green colour of many shop-bought varieties as we do not add artificial colourings to our jellies. Traditionally used as a condiment to accompany roast lamb, this makes a lovely alternative to redcurrant jelly or mint sauce. This jelly is made using barley malt vinegar.


Jellies are made from only the juice of the fruit strained though a muslin bag, therefore the yield is lower per batch than would be obtained with a jam. Jellies should be clear and not cloudy and may be flavoured with herbs or other spices. Many jellies can be served instead of a jam, for those who don’t like fruit pips for example, but many also make a lovely accompaniment to savoury dishes such as cheese or as a condiment to accompany a Sunday roast.We use granulated cane sugar in all of our jellies and do not add any artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.

Our jellies have a best before date one year from the date of production and will be fine kept in a cupboard, larder or other cool, dark, dry place for many months; once opened they should be refrigerated and used within 3-4 weeks.



Ingredients: Apples, sugar, water, barley malt vinegar, garden mint.
Prepared with: 66g fruit / 100g
Total sugar content: 56g / 100g

Allergy Information

Gluten Free Vegans Lactose Free Allergens
Cereal – barley


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