Lemon Marmalade (Fine cut) 290g


Lemon marmalade has a lovely fresh taste and makes a change from the more traditional orange flavours. The shreds in this marmalade are medium cut.



Marmalade is traditionally made from the juice and peel of citrus fruit and we make our marmalades in small batches using traditional family recipes and methods. We are also working on some jelly marmalades (shredless) for release later in 2016 for those who like the taste, but not the peel. The marmalade making year begins in January when the bitter Seville oranges have their short season and we try to make plenty to keep us going throughout the year, but when these varieties are gone they are gone. When the Sevilles are no longer available we make other varieties throughout the rest of the year and have plans to develop more. We use granulated cane sugar in all of our marmalades and do not add any artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.

Our marmalades have a best before date one year from the date of production and will be fine kept in a cupboard, larder or other cool, dark, dry place for many months; once opened they should be refrigerated and used within 3-4 weeks.



Ingredients: Lemons, citric acid, water, sugar.
Prepared with: 42g fruit / 100g
Total sugar content: 68.2g / 100g

Allergy Information

Gluten Free Vegans Lactose Free Allergens


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