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  • Tayberry Extra Jam

    Tayberries are a raspberry/blackberry hybrid and originate from the banks of the River Tay in Scotland. The fruit is similar to a loganberry, but is sweeter and more aromatic. We hand pick the fruit from a fruit grower in Hartley Wintney during their short season – not an easy task! – so this is available in limited quantities. Available late July.
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  • Victoria Plum Extra Jam

    UK grown Victoria Plums are a sweet flavoured, but low calorie fruit full of vitamin C with a low glycaemic index that doesn’t cause spikes blood sugar. The sugar that we add to the fruit will do though! These plums do not store well, so only have a short season during August or into early September. This is a very popular jam, that is available in only limited quantities each year. The fruit is quartered so large pieces of fruit are to be found in the jam – it’s almost a conserve!

    Available late August.

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