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  • Raspberry and Redcurrant Extra Jam

    Raspberry jam alone is quite sweet, but when combined with the tart redcurrants they take the edge of that sweetness, while still having that lovely raspberry flavour coming through. Team this up with fromage frais or vanilla yoghurt and meringue for a twist on Eton Mess.
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  • Raspberry Extra Jam

    Traditional raspberry jam is a perennial favourite with adults and children alike. It doesn’t get much more traditional than this – I use my grandmother’s recipe, so when people say it tastes just like their Granny used to make it probably does! Raspberries have been grown in the UK for around 400 years and have a wonderful flavour. Raspberry jam is traditionally used as a Victoria sandwich cake filling (without the cream) and is equally good in trifles and in jam tarts. Our Raspberry Extra Jam won one star in the Great Taste Awards 2018. The Judges Said: Very attractive, vibrant colour. Good abundance of fruit seeds, true to the description this is a soft set preserve. A good, complex flavour, some sharp notes balancing out the sweet. A taste of British summer!
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  • Rhubarb and Ginger Extra Jam

    Ginger makes a lovely combination with rhubarb, an edible plant stalk. We use outdoor grown rhubarb that is available from June onwards and has a better flavour than the delicate early forced rhubarb.
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  • Strawberry and Rhubarb Extra Jam

    Another taste of summer, but slightly less sweet than strawberry on its own – a lovely combination that can be used instead of strawberry in cakes, tarts or in the quintessentially English cream tea.
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  • Strawberry Extra Jam

    The UK probably grows some of the finest strawberries in the world, but strawberry jam is one of the most difficult to get a good set due to the low pectin and acid content of the fruit. We hand pick the strawberries throughout the season and cook the fruit within 2 hours of picking so that the quality of the fruit doesn’t deteriorate. We cut the fruit as little as possible so that you will find whole pieces or even whole strawberries within our jam.
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  • Victoria Plum Extra Jam

    UK grown Victoria Plums are a sweet flavoured, but low calorie fruit full of vitamin C with a low glycaemic index that doesn’t cause spikes blood sugar. The sugar that we add to the fruit will do though! These plums do not store well, so only have a short season during August or into early September. This is a very popular jam, that is available in only limited quantities each year. The fruit is quartered so large pieces of fruit are to be found in the jam – it’s almost a conserve!

    Available late August.

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