Our Chilli Range

We began our journey into developing this range with a single product, our chilli jam – made with a medium dutch red chilli (approx. 30,000 Scovilles).

This was soon added to in response to customer requests for hotter chilli jams and our products now span the Scoville Scale, right up to Carolina Reaper chilli jam – made with the hottest chillies on the planet.

We have also added an allergen-free chilli jelly, which is great for using as a glaze as well as a condiment.

Our chilli jams are supplied in 160g jars.

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  • Carolina Reaper Chilli Jam 160g

    Our Carolina reaper Chilli Jam won one star in the Great Taste Awards 2019. The judges said: There is the promise of heat here - on the nose never mind the description. The Reaper does come along with heat but brings a fruitiness with it that balances along with the sweet caramel note. Rather well balanced in its intensity. Very well judged consistency. The sweetness hits first, and it's a very pleasant sweetness. Heat builds slowly to a crescendo. Certainly a product to use sparingly. But it does exactly what it sets out to do - a good, fighting chilli.
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  • Chilli Jam 227g

    Chilli jam is a savoury jam, so is used to accompany savoury dishes. Our Great Taste Award winning chilli jam is made using medium red chillies and we also make a hotter version with Scotch Bonnet Chillies for those who like a bit more heat.
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  • Moruga Brainstrain Chilli Jam 160g

    Our Moruga Brainstrain Chilli Jam won one star in the Great Taste Awards 2020. The judges said: This smells fantastic - a real promise of what's to come. Unmistakably fiery on the nose, it has rich fruit notes. The heat created with this product is fierce and a real challenge to the taste buds. The sugar hasn't been over caramelised which can impart bitterness and detract overall. The colour and consistency are just right. Its initial sweetness is quickly overtaken by rasping heat. There is an audience for this sort of thing, for sure. A fine delivery system for instant warmth - a really fiery flavour with an undercurrent of sweetness. The heat is actually quite pleasant and lingering after that initial shock, and the fruit of the chilli comes through and hangs around. For chilli fiends and heat junkies this would be a massive hit. Delicious as a condiment and equally good as a versatile ingredient (marinades or dips and sauces). A well made chilli jam that tastes homemade.
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  • Naga Chilli Jam 160g

    The Naga chilli jam won one star in the Great Taste Awards in 2017. The judges said: Gorgeous bright colour and good consistency, with visible chilli seeds. Hot on the palate but not bitter. It has a great finish. If you like it hot, you will like this! As the description reads, this is a very, very, very hot Chilli jam. It has a nice set and good colour. This tastes like a sweet chilli jam and then the explosion kicks in. Does what it says on the jar.
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  • Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam 160g

    Our Hot Chilli Jam won one star in the Great Taste Awards 2017. The Judges Said: This is a punchy chilli sauce, tempered slightly with some sweetness. Judges liked the fact that this sauce carried both heat and flavour. Nice vibrant colour. Heat builds slowly, which works well rather than punching you in the face straight away.
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  • Selection for cheese

    This pack contains 4 x 45g jars of chutney, quince jelly and chilli jam - all fabulous accompaniments to cheese. Selection may vary from contents illustrated.
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  • Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Jam 160g

    Our Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Jam won two stars in the Great Taste Awards 2018. The judges said: Yes this is hot, but not the purposeless blinding heat one might expect from a lesser product. A balanced sweetness and a heat that comes in gently and starts to build into a fiery delight make this sauce stand out above others of its kind. A good set, pleasant fruitiness, this has an intense heat but well balanced. Produced with skill and care.
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