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£4 each All our jams are
hand-stirred in
our kitchen in
Epsom, Surrey.
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Award Winning Chutneys £4 each Four of our preserves won awards in the
Chutney Awards 2015. Read all about it here.
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£4 each Perfect accompaniment
to a cheese platter
or as a condiment
with a Sunday roast.
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  • Blackberry and Apple Extra Jam

    Blackberries can be found growing wild throughout the UK and are more commonly known as brambles. We use cultivar varieties in our jam, rather than wild grown fruit, which produce larger and more juicy berries although there is no avoiding the pips! Apples belong to the rose family as well as blackberries so these two fruits together make a wonderful combination with a smoother texture than blackberries alone. A spoonful of this jam goes wonderfully in a bowl of rice pudding.
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  • Greengage Extra Jam

    Greengages are part of the plum family and all the gages were named after Sir William Gage, who popularised these fruit during the 18th Century. Gages are sweeter and have a more refined flavour than plums, making this one of our more popular soft set preserves. This jam is made from halved, stoned fruit, but occasionally a stone may find its way into the pan.

    Available late August.

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  • Victoria Plum Extra Jam

    UK grown Victoria Plums are a sweet flavoured, but low calorie fruit full of vitamin C with a low glycaemic index that doesn’t cause spikes blood sugar. The sugar that we add to the fruit will do though! These plums do not store well, so only have a short season during August or into early September. This is a very popular jam, that is available in only limited quantities each year. The fruit is quartered so large pieces of fruit are to be found in the jam – it’s almost a conserve!

    Available late August.

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  • Click and Collect from Jam Packed HQ

    Do you like being able to order your produce and then collect your goods at a time to suit you? Let’s face it, who doesn’t
  • New Product Launch – it’s second to naan!

    Following a soft launch, with the addition of our new chutney to the website about a month ago, we are now ready to release this
  • Oat & Raspberry Traybakes

    If you are new to home baking and want a foolproof and incredibly simple recipe to impress friends and family then this is for you